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We’re Influent50 — a full-service marketing agency that can help you listen, learn and connect with 50+ consumers. We help you identify and identify with them, so your business grows stronger.

50+ is more than a demographic. It’s a powerful community of thinkers, workers and spenders. Together, they represent 70% of U.S. disposable income and spend $230 billion on consumer packaged goods annually.

So if you want to connect with the 50+, connect
with us.

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So, Who
Are We?

We’re an agency powered by the experience and insights of AARP Services, Inc. — which has over 15 years of success in helping major brands connect with the 50+ audience. We also have access to more than 50 years of AARP’s knowledge on the 50+ market’s changing wants and needs. The result is an agency that’s wired with a deep understanding of how to communicate with those 50+, how to design products and services that fit their lives and how to connect with them on a personal level.

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Here are just some of our clients

AARP Roadside Assistance, AON Hewiit, Matrix Medical Network, 1-800-flowers.com, Chase, AARPDiscounts.com, The Hartford

This is
We Do

We combine powerful proprietary data and research with smart strategy and creative craftsmanship to build communications that target the most responsive consumers in the market. It all adds up to give you one serious competitive advantage in the 50+ marketplace.

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is How
it's Done

No matter if we’re creating a custom model or integrated advertising campaign, we approach the project the same way. Our work is insights-driven and engineered to drive better engagement for consumers and real results for you.

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© 2015 – AARP Services, Inc. Influent50 is a division of AARP Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AARP. Influent50 provides marketing services to commercial companies to help them offer products and services relevant to the 50+ population. Influent50 offers a variety of marketing services such as research, data analytics, marketing communications, and product development, all focused on the 50+ market. AARP Services, Inc. has entered into a data license with AARP that gives AARP Services, Inc. access to AARP’s research and related insights to the 50+ segment.